Audio Technica 8004L vs. Sennheiser MD 46 Long Handled Interview Microphones

Sennheiser MD 46 and Audio Technica AT8004L

MD 46 and AT8004L

This video was created with no audio changes. The idea is for you to hear the raw version of each and make your own decision.

A few months ago, I compared this Audio Technica vs the SM58 and AT2100 microphones for use in interviews. I got a comment on the YouTube video from CapWKidd asking “What about the Sennheiser MD 46 microphone?” I turned around and tweeted SennheiserUSA, who actually got back to me within 24 hours. They sent me the MD46 long handle microphone.

These are two different types of that you can use for getting interviews, capturing speeches or podium announcements, and more.

As always, I’ll review each microphone while talking through the microphone. For my receiver, I’ll be using my Sony UWPV6 wireless camera microphone capsule for each, as if I was at a live event.

Audio Technica AT8004L

This is a with an Omnidirectional polar pattern. This means it will pick up 360 degrees around the microphone. The bottom is closed off and will capture less below the microphone. the 8004L is pressure sensative, so wind noise shouldn’t normally affect them (unless you are in a hurricane condition).

They also help reduce plosives like “P” and “B” pops you can get from other microphones.

The frequency range of the 8004L is 80 Hz to 16,000 Hz. This means you can pick up a good bass voice, as well as a soprano.

The impedence is 300 ohms so it doesn’t need any type of to work. The weight is about 315 grams (7.6 ounces). The price of the 8004L is around $100.

Sennheiser MD46

This microphone is a Cardioid Dynamic . Cardiod is the greek word for “Heart”. Think of it like placing an apple – stem side into the microphone. This pattern allows the microphone to capture more of the background sounds. This microphone works well at a better distance, so you don’t have to shove the microphone in the person’s face to get the best audio.

The microphone frequency response is 40 HZ to 18,000 Hz and its impedence is 350 ohms. The weight is 359.9 grams (12.7 oz). As a whole, this microphone works well under the conditions.


Pros and Cons of AT8004L and MD46

During this point, I test both microphones with no attenuation to -21 attenuation.

The 8004l is when I am doing one-on-one interviews. In capturing audio, it definitely needs to be within 12 inches from the source to get a compitent sound. It’s solid and looks great as a camera mic. I can put a mic flag on easily, or just place stickers like I did here.

The MD46 captures a little more surface area. Therefore, I can have it a couple feet away and still get a decent sound. The microphone is a little heavier, but not by much. Mic flags are a little tougher to place on this one, as the bottleneck design can push some down, ultimately losing surface space for your hand. This microphone is also a little longer than the Audio Technica by an inch.

Finally, the price. The 8004l is $100 and the MD46 is $200. In all, both microphones work well. The MD 46 works better if you are doing a 2-3 person intervew as you don’t need to have the microphone in their faces.

Of course, which one do you prefer? Let me know!


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