Auto-Tune Pro: Antares Updates Auto Tune with Key Detection

Antares introduced twenty years ago. It has been a versitile tool in making sound it’s best. It also started a new sound in . Now it’s time to up the game to make the production easier and faster with Auto-Tune Pro

What’s New in Antares Auto-Tune Pro

The biggest new features are . This allows you to automatically find the key, the note being sung, and it’s duration. With that, you can make sure it’s exactly where you need it to be, how long you need it to be, and in the right frequencies.

Bring in any track – a , a background vocal, and even an instrument – add the plugin (to any 3 compatible DAW), and start tweaking the sound.

Antares also includes Audio Random Access (ARA) support to give you the classic mode for the original Auto-Tune 5 sound. This product also includes MIDI CC control in Auto mode, and HiDPI support for Retina displays.

Ato-Tune Pro will be available soon for $399. Keep updated with Antares Here. I’ll also try to get a review in to test out.


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