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Last week I was in Detroit for Further with Ford. I got to hear a lot of great and did some hands-on driving with a Ford F-150. I will be posting later this week the sessions, including those with Steve Wozniak. You can watch all the videos right now at Also have a date on my Glass, but not without issue. TWIGG adds an MP3 side to its podcast. All this on the Pre- of Geek Smack!

The new Geekazine T-Shirts are in production. I was hoping to have one ready to show but the screen print is not ready yet. When you donate $20 to the show, you get a T-Shirt.


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Geek Smack! episode 267 Tech News:

Zynga’s New CEO
Zynga’s CEO steps down to try and save the company
Goodbye Alta Vista
Yahoo decides to shut down the AltaVista search site, ending a pioneer of 90’s Internet.
Yahoo Integrates Flickr
You can now search Flickr from email so you can add photos.
Technet Retires
is closing shop now they can update from the cloud
Glass Tesla App
If you have a Tesla you can now get a remote control app for Google Glass
Apple iWatch
Latest rumors including a filing for in China. 
Forty-Seven Thousand Dollar a Day Apps

Want to know the magic number to have your app featured in the ?

Need a Website? Go Daddy has everything you need to get on the web!

Geek Smack! Geek News

Facebook Phone 2?
Facebook is trying again with their smartphone
Firefox Smartphone

The of the Firefox OS come available in Spain
Nextel R.I.P.
Sprint shuts down the Nextel Network.
Pebble at Best Buy
The Pebble smart watch will be in by the end of week
Ballmer on XBox?
I would guess you want a gamer heading the XBox One. I guess Steve Ballmer is that person? 
Canon EOS 70D

New Canon camera has smooth video auto-focus. You can purchase the Canon 70D here [Affiliate Link]
Uber Helicopter
Uber now adds helicopter service in NYC called UberChopper
Mario in HD

What if SuperMario was in High Definition at the beginning? 

Geek Smack: Which RSS Reader Will You Go To? Do you Even Use RSS Readers?

On July 1st, Google turned off their Reader RSS feed reading service. It put a lot of people in an uproar – especially since they may have spent years putting together a fully customized list of websites to get their information from.I remember when Reader showed up on October 7th, 2005. At that time I was using another service called NewsGator. That service was free until they shifted their model to a paid corporate version – ultimately pushing people like myself onto Reader.Google announced on their blog the closing of reader. Their reason why was two-fold. They state the usage of Google Reader has declined and Google is streamlining their energy into fewer products.

Now it’s time to make another change. And there are companies that scrambled to pick up where Google Reader left off. Digg came back to the forefront, while Feedly is another service that you can use to get your favorite stories. Even a program like Flipboard is available to collect your favorite website data for perusal via iPad.

I have actually been anti-reader for a while now. The reason why is these sites basically steal your traffic and your news. Understood that people don’t like ads on webpages but they help pay the bills. When re-aggregators pull your stories, they pull the content only. Unless your ads are hard-coded in your RSS, you get no revenue share from these sites.

Some say its a good promotional tool. However, I figure if they add your website to their reader, people are going to read 80% of your content from that reader.

RSS is a necessity and many websites can pull your data since it is offered openly. I can set up a program that does the same thing and direct people to my website.

I do recommend Flipboard simply because of the way you can get to my website. Sometimes it just happens and I end up getting more views.

If you do choose a new reader, don’t forget to give the sites you read from return love.

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