Blue Raspberry USB Microphone is Small and Powerful

Blue Microphones Raspberry

Blue Microphones Raspberry

If you are a podcaster or a music maker that wants to record on the go, the Blue Microphones Raspberry USB is a great microphone to have in your bag. It’s small, portable, and looks good if you have it set up in your shot. And it packs some you can only get through Blue Microphones.

This USB condenser microphone has it all for the on-the-go recorder. The size is not an issue and it comes with it’s own microphone stand which can be placed upright or in low-profile mode. The Raspberry comes with a micro-USB to iOS Lightning cable and a micro-USB to USB cable. You can easily connect it to PC, Mac or iOS devices.

Specs of the Blue Raspberry

The Raspberry has a range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. That covers a lot of vocal ranges, and many different instruments. You won’t want to use it to record a Bass Drum or Tuba, but you can definitely get a guitar, flute, oboe, or overall hall sound if the concert.

The microphone can record up to 24-bit and sample at 44.1 or 48 kHz. An adjustable gain dial allows you to amplify your microphone by +40db.

The mounting screw is 1/4″ in diameter, and comes with an to connect to a microphone stand if needed.

Finally, as in many USB microphones nowadays, the Raspberry contains a headphone jack so you can listen to the sound coming in the microphone.

Acoustic Diffuser

This is a patent-pending technology by Blue Microphones. A diffusing foam inside the microphone that will catch reflections and other low-end noises so you don’t get them in your recording. With the room being controlled, you can place the Raspberry close by without having it in your face.

Cons of Blue Raspberry

Blue microphones doesn’t support Android devices yet. I have read there are some that work, though. You will have to purchase a micro-USB to micro-USB (or USB Type-C) and test on your own.

The other issue is the micro-USB plug. It gets in the way of the stand and you can easily pull out the plug from the microphone. A re-design where the plug is protected from that might be in order.

Overall Thoughts

The Blue Microphones Raspberry is a solid mic with a great sound. In the video, you will hear how crisp it is. While this is in a semi-sound controlled room, I have also used it in louder areas with decent results.

The Raspberry is $199 on Amazon.


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