Cachefly: A Little About Geekazine’s CDN for Video, Podcasts

It doesn’t matter if you are a podcaster, video content creator, app developer or gamer – you need a solid CDN to deliver images, audio and video across your program. The content needs to deliver fast and reliably so your customers don’t move to another website, show or game.

When I lost my CDN in August, I did a lot of shopping for a new location. I had over 900 videos that needed a new home and a lot of work changing file names just to get back on track. I have looked at Cachefly in the past and was pretty impressed with their track record. So I moved over to the service.

Why Do Podcasters, Video Creators Need a CDN like Cachefly?

Sure, you can put all your videos up on and that can be pretty sufficient. However, some people don’t like to use the service. Some people get their shows through and other delivery networks. Further, you can better control how people watch and listen to your content – even put together your own ad delivery system to bring in more sponsors and revenue.

You also don’t want to host these original files on your websites. Even though some hosts say “Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage”, you’ll find that if you start taking more than the average, they could throttle or shut your site down. If your website goes down, your content goes down with it.

A CDN will allow for you to even out those issues as they handle audio and video content on a daily basis. They can also handle your images and documents to ultimately make your load times go faster.

Gamers, Streamers, and More with Cachefly

Building an app? Making a Game? Streaming video? Cachefly can do all that, too. SaaS, ad serving and more.

Video Walkthrough

In this video, I go over what you get when you sign up. Cachefly has a 14 day free trial and 2TB to use. Check it all out at

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