Check Out Omnicharge With USB-C Charging, and A Powerful Power Bank for Coffee Shops, Universities

Startup was at to show off the Omni 20 . This portable bank can output up to 100 watts of power for all of your larger devices. This version keeps all of the good hardware from the original Omnicharge and adds the USB-C ports. It has four ports, two USB-C and two USB-A, and a powerful 20,100 mAh battery cell that you will find handy for for up laptops, smartphones, drones, digital cameras and basically anything else you carry with you.

About Omnicharge with USB-C

This new device is geared toward the future and perfect for devices like the new MacBook Pro for instance. Everyone is switching to USB-C, so with Omnicharge, you are good to go and ready for these new gadgets. The Omni 20 USB-C doesn’t have the wattage limitation of its predecessor. It can output up to 100W from its two USB-C ports, one at 60W and the other at 40W. USB-A charging tops off at 30W, or 15W each for the pair. It will power almost any USB-C laptop.

OmniCharge Power Bank

The company is even working on a cloud sharing service for power banks, where you would use an app to unlock an Omnicharge at certain locations. You would unlock it, use it for the day and return it to the location. This is great for coffee shops and airports, or anywhere that you need to keep your devices charged. They see a huge demand for this in Universities as large classrooms offer little-to-no power options.

Find out more about Omnicharge here or through their Omnicharge Website


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