Checking out Tascam DR-701D with Timecode Sync for Great Video

Tascam DR-701D Recorder

DR-701D with Passthrough and Timecode options.

When I have to record one-on-one videos on the road, I go to my Tascam recorder. The newest version in the DR-701D adds video time-code so I can sync up better. I sit down with at CES 2016 to learn more about this .

Whether using a DSLR, Prosumer camera, smartphone or other device, audio can become the single most important part. If you are multiple sources, separate tracks can be the difference if you have to fix any audio anomalies.

When I first saw the DR-701D from Tascam, I was excited to see they added HDMI pass-through and time-code options. Add to it up to 6 in a multi-track recorder (4 tracks plus stereo mix).

In talking with Jeff Laity, I learned Tascam improved not only the functionality of this device, but also the casing, using Magnesium Alloy over plastic. The audio also has higher-quality preamp, monitoring single tracks or overall mix, and an improved ergonomic feel for when mounted to a camera or placed in an audio monitor gear bag.

Tascam DR-701D takes 4-AA batteries that can record multi-track for up to 8 hours. You can connect power via USB or the external battery pack (sold separately). USB also allows you to download files to the computer.

For $599 on B&H, you can improve your audio on any camera. Especially if you can record separately and sync up later.

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