Chrome, Mozilla for iOS – Will Apple Open Up the Browser Spot?

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Wow. It’s a hot one. Early show this week to celebrate July 4th without doing much work. Happy Independence week, it’s a great time to reflect on what your forefathers did to give you the freedoms you have. It’s also a week to be and stay safe – don’t drink and drive, and certainly don’t drink and light off large fireworks. Also back from a big week at Ford. Lots of video coming soon!

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Geek Smack! episode 229 Tech News:

Google I/O Conference
rolls out 4.1, Nexus 7 Tablet – which is being reported as a “Sub-par” tablet. So why should I buy one? 
Apple Pays $60 million

– iPad naming issue –  Shenzhen Proview Technology owned the rights in China
Micron Buys Elpida Memory

– Micron pays $2.5 billion for the DRAM
Facebook Email switch
– Your email on Facebook may now be
YouTube Google+ Integration
– You can now switch usernames to your Google+ profile.
Best Buy Slashes Price on Retina Macbook Pro 
– Get a $110 discount for the newest Macbook with Retina Display
Twitter Cuts LinkedIn 
– The long partnership between and is ending. What will this mean to both ?
twitter Apps for Sale
– Will companies that based their business models on Twitter start to sell or disband their companies

Geek Smack! :

LEGO – How Many Bricks to Build a House
FAIL – Parrot Party
Games – World of Warcraft Monopoly
Car – Spitfire Engine Rebuild
Sports – 14 Crazy Shots

Geek Smack: Will Apple Open Up the Browser?

With Mozilla and Chrome putting out browser apps, I am reminded of 15 years ago when Netscape was trying to get their browser on Microsoft Windows. Of course, that started the antitrust trials that Microsoft eventually lost.

Now, we are seeing the same issues with Apple iOS. You can have another browser on, but the default is Safari. As long as Apple doesn’t send a letter to “Not compete”.

Still, I am impressed with Chrome’s iOS app. I tried Yahoo Axis and liked it for 2 days. Firefox is not out yet, but I hope to see the exact same browser as with their PC and Mac versions.

Will we see an option to change the default browser? If that is the case, which browser will you choose?

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