Create Ultimate Split Screen Video with Skreens Streaming Box

Skreens Video FPGA

Skreens Video FPGA

As a , I am always looking for new ways to create screens that hold the most content for the viewer. Skreens is a successful crowdfund product that can give you split screen options to bring people together into one conversation online. Gamers can add their screens to one large monitor and see the face of their opponent as they take them out.

While at CES 2016, I talked with the folks at Skreens to find out more about this product. After all – it’s contained in a box that is the size of an . Inside is a powerful FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chip that can take whatever are coming in and allow you to mix and match them to the screen.

Using an IOS device (Android coming soon), you can order your video inputs to whatever configuration you choose. You can even add graphics, chat, a web browser page and more to round out the open spaces.

If you’re a new parent that wants to keep an eye on your child while gaming, simply connect to your IP camera and place the video in the corner. You can attend to junior, then get back to your battlefield assult.

Skreens will be available around March with two models – a 2-port HDMI and a 4-port HDMI solution. The 4-port box will cost $400-$500 and the 2-port will be $200-$250 when available. You can get notified when they come out by going to


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