Dyson DC59 Animal – a Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner with Power

Dyson DC59 Animal

DC59 Animal

The is a versatile vacuum that is lightweight and with an improved battery, it can clean whatever room you need. Like… My house…

Dyson believes the DC59 will finally say goodbye to owning the bigger closet space-taking vacuum. With multiple attachments, you can clean the , then clean the drapes and finally the couches and chairs.

The DC59 also comes with a MAX power button which you can press for those power vacuuming jobs.

The V6 motor is 1 1/2 times better than the previous. Without pressing the MAX button, you can get around 26 minutes of cleaning.

The charging station can be wall mounted so you have a fully charged vacuum at your fingertips. The wall mount holds the vacuum and attachments, making it a one stop cleaning station.

But in all – let’s face it geeks, it looks pretty sci-fi, doesn’t it?

The DC59 is only 4.4 lbs and is engineered for balanced weight. That way it doesn’t feel top heavy when you are trying to vacuum the cobwebs off the ceiling. Yet you can still climb a step stool with device in hand.

I was able to walk around the whole house getting the corners that I couldn’t get with the upright. If you have higher ceilings, the DC59 can come up with you on a ladder so you can get those tough-to-reach spots.

I also was able to leave my screens in place while I took off the layer of cobwebs and dirt. That’s ten times better than having to pull the screens out and clean by hand.

The interesting design gives the DC59 15 cylinders which create 15 individual cyclones. This – along with the floor head attachment – can pick up fine dust and dirt on hard floors. It also means the dust and dirt separates and ends up in the bin, rather than sticking on the filter.

Speaking of the filter – it comes out easily and you should wash it in cold water and not detergent about once a month. Once cleaned off, let it set to the side for about 24 hours.

When we come back, I’ll take a look at the positives and negatives on this vacuum.


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Dyson DC59 Picking Up Flour

Dyson DC59 Picking Up Flour

So we looked at all the specs, but is the Dyson DC59 Animal ready to get rid of your closet monster?

First, the power in standard mode is 26 minutes. Enough to vacuum and dust about 2 rooms. If you are trying to get a house ready for guests – especially if you have to use the MAX power mode – you might not get the house ready in time.

The bin is a little difficult to open when you are trying to keep it over the trash can. Further, you need to tap it a few times to get the bigger bunnies out of the vacuum. I had dust sticking out of the bin after trying to empty it.

Like I said before, the DC59 comes with 4 attachments, but only places to put 2 – with the vacuum itself being a third spot. Still, this leaves one attachment to get lost.

The other issue is really price. This would be perfect for a studio apartment, a college dorm, or other area. However, the $399 price tag might not justify it. Dyson does offer a lower-priced DC58 for $199, which is more palatable but doesn’t have as much power as the Animal.

The MAX power mode is nice but doesn’t work really well on fabric items. If I run MAX power over my area rug the vacuum begins to bear down and make it harder to vacuum. I also cannot run MAX power mode on curtains for they Suck up and stick to the wand.

In all, the Dyson DC59 Animal is a powerful vacuum and definitely replaceable to the other vacuums in certain tests. I like how I don’t have to fuddle with the filter as much as my upright which always seemed to be a big task to clean.

Best part, if you need more power, you can always get the DC59 Motorhead – which gives you more features such as direct drive cleaner head and is able to tackle your messy car.

And of course, it just looks like some geeky gun from the future, so you might be able to get the kids to vacuum the room from time to time.

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