Empower Yourself to Quit Smoking this year with Quitbit Lighter

I quit smoking over 6 years ago and it was a long, hard process. That is why I really liked what I saw in Quitbit. It’s a lighter that helps you quit smoking. The Quitbit is an electric lighter with bluetooth connection to your smartphone. Every time you light up a , it will log your light. Once you know when and where you light up, you can start reducing the times you smoke in a day until you are down to zero.

You can use it to light other people’s cigarettes, simply go to the app when done and tell it so. The lighter also will not count if you have too short of a light or have to re-light a cigarette within a certain time period.

The lighter itself can be recharged via USB cable. The connected lighter also can be found if you misplace it via your smartphone.

Quitbit is a bit pricey at $129.99, but if you can reduce your smoking with it, you will make up the difference in less cigarette purchases. The app is available for both iOS and Android. For more info, check out QuitbitLighter.com

Quitbit and App

Quitbit and App


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