Episode #10 12-05-07


I really like . Rocks! Pictures to come. Lots of news on a Snowy Week. I have to shovel again when this show is done….
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Google Bids 700Mhz – Yahoo
German iPhones Relocked – Wired
Porn Sites’ New Tactics – ABCNews
Squad Porn Ring Busted – The Consumerist
Green Employees See Red – NetworkWorld
CCTV Could Track Branded Suspects – BBC

On The Geek:
Facebook Changes, Again.
3.3 Billion Mobile Phone Subscriptions
YouTube Still Dominant in US
Mobile Phone Did NOT Kill Man

MySpace Suicide goes unpunished – Cnet

Important FireFox Update – PCWorld
Dell Makes 40,000 PCs with Ubuntu – Register
ActiBlizzardvision – BBC
PayPerPost Fights Back – Wired
Vista and Mac Usage on the Rise – InfoWorld
Price Drop on SSD – ZDNet
Tiny Linux PC runs on Solar Power – Gadgettastic
AMD discontinues Quad FX – Engadget
Identity Theft in MA – infoworld
Power Strips – ExtremeTech
Software Engineering tips for Startups – AdaptiveBlue
Another Facebook Partner? – Yahoo
2008 Predictions – Cnet
160Mbp Internet in 2008? – Engadget
Brix – Techeblog

5 Year Watch:
Creative Commons

Caught My Eye:
Gallery of Transparent Desktops
10 Bad Holiday Gifts
40 Years of Rolling Stone on DVD
Coasters Can Tell if you Need a Refill
Secrets to Getting Web Design Work
…and a Side of Wikipedia

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