Episode #11 12-12-07


New look on site, Shovelling snow, need new computer – this one’s too noisey.

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Transistor to turn 60 – Gizmodo
CompUSA to Close – WSJ
ISP Ads? – Techdirt
Service Pack Blocker Kit – PC World
Office2007SP1 – ActiveNetwork
Commodore64 Still Loved – CNN.com
VoIP on iPod Touch? – TUAW

On the Geek:

Cheaper Solar Cells?
Top 10 Games of the Year
Try a Phone Before you Buy
LCD Glut
AMD Quad Core Problems

Phishing 2.0 – PCWorld
NSFW Trademark? – Wired
40 Gbps – BusinessWeek
Hard Drive Won’t Share MP3 – Wired
Lost in DRM – BBC
OGG! – PC Pro
FTC nails AdultFriendFinder – NetworkWorld

Geeks Remembered:

Anita Rowland
Marc Orchant
James Kim 1 Year Later

Saving Face(book) – CNNMoney
Response to “Saying No” – ComputerWorld
Advertising on your Phone – InfoWorld
Get Paid to YouTube – Wired
File Sharing Not So Bad – Techdirt
Ask.com AskEraser – New York Times

Caught the Eye:

R2D2 Translator
Sarah Connor Chronicles Pilot
Atomic Clocks at Home
25 Cool Keyboards

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