Episode #12 12-19-07


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Knol – Cnet
Ribbit? – Digital Trends
SSD in your Gadgets? – Cnet
USB DRM Restriction? – Wired
OpenOffice Online Goes Beta – ArsTechnica
Apple II – Yahoo

On Geek.com:

Replay TV bought out
Playstation Pre-Pay Cards
Vista Biggest Tech Dissapointment?

Microsoft on Ebay – PCPro
Background Check your Credit Card – TheStreet
GM Saves Millions on Heat – Network World
Match.com on – New York Times
Video Bandwith – ZDNet
Sony vs. Activision on Price – 1up
RIP Web2.0 Office – Active Network
Viewing others files – Techdirt
Adobe Opens up AMF – ArsTechnica
Voice2TXT – Network World
PS2 still the most popular – IGN
We Google ourselves – Computerworld
WordPress vs. others – ZDNet
More Apple Patches – PC World
Blackberry Store – CBC
Why Mac didn’t ship with – Macenstein
3.2Gbps Firewire – Electronista
Defining Products of 2007 – ExtremeTech

Ten Year Watch:

20 Year Watch:

A Couple of Admins

Of Note:
SanDisk Photo Album
Cool Bridge and Bar
9 Clever Business Cards
10 Worst Gadgets 07
3 million users on wincustomize
N64 Tie-fighter

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