Episode #13 12-26-07


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Show Notes:
Vista Better than Mac? – ZDNet
MCK Authors Arrested – Ars Technica
Is Circuit City Next? – Cnet
Flying Carpets? – Telegraph.co.uk
20 hour Notebook Power – Tom’s Hardware

On Geek.com

Adult Websites Records Comprimised – ICWT
Retail Sells on – RealTechNews
All-In-One Projector – Gizmodo
Apple to Turn Down iPod – Telegraph.co.uk
Top 5 Fails of 07 – ValleyWag

Foot In Mouth Awards – Wired
Top 25 Web Celebs – Forbes
How NOT to Mail a Laptop – Computerworld
Ten Startups to Watch – Wired

Other Geeks:
Guinness is Good for You – FHM
Land a Job in 08 – Computerworld

Of Note:
Fudge Daleks
Action Figure Modder
Calendar Etched into Fingernails
Make Sure it’s Really Titanium

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