Episode 18 1-30-08


Day off from Computer – Live on uStream – Colder Weather

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If you have any Spyware software fromTHIS LIST – Remove it!

Downloaders Can Stay Private – ABCNews
Firefox up 20% – Ars Technica
Macbook Air Shipping Feb 1 – AppleInsider
Asterisk Open-Source PBX – Computerworld
Ciscos 15 TB – Forbes

Ebay Lowers Fees, Tightens Belt – InfoWorld
Lego is 50 – Boing Boing
PC Games Dying? – ExtremeTech
PS3 replacing 80GB model? – Geek
U2 Wants to end Piracy – BBC

30 Second Promo – Caffination Podcast

YouTube = Traffic Ticket – PCWorld
Man Arrested in eBay Sale – Reuters
Digg Triples Registered Users in a Year – TechCrunch
Highlight Dumb Criminals – TechDirt
A Law Enforcement Trojan? – Register

Movie Downloads in Denver Airport – WNN
Are You a Victim of Another Website? – WXPNews
HD-DVD Superbowl Ad – Wired
Microsoft wants you to test Media Center – ZDNet

Of Note:
Who’s Out there with PBX?
Find Secret Gadgets Through FCC
Diamond and Gold PC’s

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