Episode 21 2-20-08


Weather, AGAIN! – Next week on System Showdown – Appx 70 listeners 507 in Feb! – New Phone Number! – 5 min show Mondays: This Week in Tech.

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Goodbye HD DVD – Cnet
Whistleblower Site Taken Down – BBC
1.8M Court Rulings Online – Slashdot
– LinuxInsider
SCO Not Dead Yet – Internetnews

Gates Calls Yahoo Offer Fair – eWeek
Proxy Battle Begins – Yahoo

Sprint Gets Windows Mobile – Geek
Another Processor in the mix? – Ars Technica
Analog Signals Start Turning Off – InfoWorld

30 Second Promo –Caffination Podcast

Mtron 128GB SSD – Engadget
Thunderbird 3.0 – Cnet
Give up Facebook, MySpace for Lent – PilotOnline
Rush Limbaugh to Steve Jobs – Valleywag
Will PS3 Take the Reigns? – Reuters

10 things to do with HDDVD player – Engadget
5 Things to Know About Unified Communications – Computerworld
200 Year Lamp – Gizmodo
Motorola vs. RIM – Geek
Prince and Village People to Sue Piratebay – Slashdot

10 Year Watch:

Of Note:
Handheld Guitar Hero
iPod Shuffle Price Changes
Mac Documentary

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