Episode 22 2-27-08


Feb Challenges almost over – My poor fish – adjustments on podcast board – Wish list for podcast and ustream.tv channel – Reading again – Win and iPod or Zune from Geekazine.

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Penryn Mac – Gizmodo
Apple Products coming – MacRumors
Microsoft Reporting Standard
iTunes is #2 – Ars technica
Hacking Contest – eWeek
TI Chips beyond Phones – Reuters

Stage6 Shutdown – Register
Bloglines Shutdown? – TechCrunch
Ad Revenue 21 Billion – AP
ICANN, Network Solutions Sued – Ars technica
High Speed Satellite – Computerworld

30 Second Promo –Caffination Podcast

Ubuntu Mobile
Adobe Air – Adobe
TimesMachine – BoingBoing
Dunnington Processor – Ars technica
5 year Security Review – eWeek

Radar Invented – Wired
Capable Lawsuit – PCWorld
Wii Updates – Wiifanboy
Homebrew Wii – Engadget
Chumby Launched – Geek

Of Note:
Last Days of CompUSA
Convertable Glasses
Box Office Reciepts 1986-2007
Lego Flash Drive

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