Episode 23 3-05-08


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On this Day:
1995 – Free Internet Server brought Online

Part I
Gary Gygax Passes – Slashdot
Facebook & iTunes – Crunchgear
What Net Neutrality Means – Fox News
WikiLeaks Resumes – Wired
IE8’s Principles – MSDN

Part II
Safari Not Safe – Ars Technica
Additional Download Rental Time? – TUAW
Woz on Apple – smh
NIN Online Album – PCWorld
Iran Shutting down Internet? – Slashdot

30 Second Promo – TCT Podcasts
5 minute show – CES Coverage – Panasonic

Part III
No, I need a Calculator – BBC
Apple Movies not at 1000 – AppleInsider
Should Linux be Standardized? – Raiden
Silverlight on Nokia – TechCrunch
GPC Mini vs. MacMini – Wired

Part IV
EeePC Hands On – Engadget
Comapny Settles Porn Spam Charges – PCWorld
New AMD Chips – Reuters
33 Million 10Mbps by 2012 – eHomeUpgrade
Monks to Behave on Web – Yahoo

Of Note:
MS Email to Make you Laugh
Top Ten Spy Gadgets
Space Invaders Cutting Board

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