episode 25 3-19-08


*Podcast was re-edited on 3-19 at 10:30 AM. 

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Part I
Vista SP1 released – Engadget
Yahoo and Click Forensics – Cnet
Yahoo Padding? – InfoWorld
Is IM a Mental Illness? – Textually
Advertiser to Pay Fine – Networkworld
Parallel Computing – Reuters

Part II
Will Android Beat iPhone? – United Press
iPhone Flipphone – Gizmodo
Disable TLB on AMD – Techreport
WordPress 2.5 Sneak Peak – Dougal.gunters
Flickr Video beta April – CNet
Apple = 14 percent in Feb – AppleInsider

30 Second Promo – The Force Field

Part III
Spam King = 26 Years – Yahoo
1 year Standby with phone? – Engadget
Safari 3.1 – MacRumors
iPod Touch Price Drops – MacRumors
Make Social Networking Profitable – digitalpodcast
Blogger Podcaster Advertising – TechCrunch
Instablogs $3 Million – TechCrunch

Part IV
Calacanis Thoughts Upset Some – Mashable
60 Free ebooks – linuxhaxor
Qwest Buyouts – Yahoo
Intel Quad Core Notebook Chip – Wired
No Blu-Ray for Xbox – CNet

Of Note:
Air Vortex Candle Cannon
Good April Fools Day Joke
IV Lamp
Dirty Jobs of IT
Google Sky

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