episode 26 3-26-08


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Part I
Verizon wins Big on 700 mHz Auction – FCC
XM – LATimes
Safari 3.1 – ArsTechnica
Safari Crashing? – InfoWeek
Free Vista Support – Computerworld
Yahoo Joins OpenSocial – CenterNetworks

Part II
SonyBMG Music Service – NYTimes
Red Booths Closing – USAToday
Don’t Jump, Ask the Shark – LEP Weather
Ubuntu 8.04 Beta – Lifehacker
Blu-Ray Might have Won and Lost – Geek

30 Second Promo – Totally Cool Tech Podcast

Part III
Lightbulb of the Future – ZDNet
G4 Needs more Guys – USAToday
Iomega to sell? – Register
Media Companies Battle Google – USAToday
Benchmark AD – TechRepublic

Part IV
3 Internet Carreers that Won’t Exist Soon – Micropersuasion
Apple Patents Scroll Wheel, iMac – CNEt
Fall Asleep at Work – Earth Times
Donotreply.com – the Consumerist
Home Paternity Test – boingboing

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Of Note:
Yellow Drummer Robot
Websites Now and Then
Gates Signed XBox
One Handed Xbox Controller
History of VideoGame Console

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