episode 27 4-02-08


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Part I
April Fools hurting more than joking?
Bejing, Open the Internet – USAToday
Dell Closes site, lays off 900 – Register
IBM Contract Ban – Wired
iPWNED in 24 – Gizmodo
JavaScript Slows Internet? – ArsTechnica

Part II
iPhone in May – Yahoo
Nomophobia – DailyMail
New Microsoft Live Search – Cnet
Wii be Coming – Yahoo
iMac Sued on million colors – USAToday

30 Second Promo – Totally Cool Tech Podcast

Part III
Dude, Wheres my ?
11 year old NetAdmin – Network World
Bully Bosses – CIO
Sofware says your pretty – ZDNet
It’s still a Windows World – ZDNet

Part IV
Jobs on WaterMac – Boygeniousreport
This next article I found out later to be an April Fools joke. I am omiting the link.
iPod Portability – Makeuseof
Microchips on Bodyheat – Inhabitat

Of Note:
Jabra Dog Tag
Hummer made by Lottery Tickets

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