Episode 32 05/07/08


Posting the Show – Computer Fixin – Site redesign – TCT Podcast Guest – Live Show Monday 7PM EST – Need a Job – 

On this day: Millionaire calculating machine patent(1895), Gary Kasparov wins game 4 of 6 vs. IBM Computer (1997), Intel PII releases(1997), Rolling Stone 1000th issue(2006)

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What Else? – Micrahoogaol.- MSNBC
Shareholder uproar – PCWorld
Cloud Computing – CNN
Yahoogle – CNet
Open for MS Talk? – This was pulled because the site in question asks for registration.

Google vs. Verizon – Engadget
ooVoo Mac – *Techwhack
Facebook hires Google VP – TechCrunch
iStarbucks Workaround – MacRumors
GeekSquad Lawsuit – tgdaily
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TCTPodcast – Laptop Seismograph

Zune 2.5 – Gizmodo
NBC on Zune – PCWorld
NIN Free Album – InformationWeek
Adobe OpenSource?
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Y2k for Gas Pumps – TechDirt

10 Renewable Tech Gadgets – *CleanTechnica
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107 Year Lightbulb – LATimes

Of Note:
Prosthetic Eagle Beak
30 Ways to Live to 100
Lego Virtual World
Maker Faire Pics

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