Episode 40 7-02-08


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Bye Bye XP, Maybe – Register
Apple Raking in the Dough – Cnet
Did they listen? iPhone with a Keyboard? – Register
Microsofts’ Powerset Aquisition – VentureBeat
Guilty for Bittorrent – Ars Technica

Win a Gift Certificate from AccessoryGeeks.com

Cure for Cancer? – CTV
Apple 10.5.4 – ZDNet
AOL Price Bump – Cnet
Google Closing AdSense

30 Second Promo – The Force Field

Voyeuristic Ads?
First WiMax Deployment – Engadget
Family Guy on Google? – Silicon Alley Insider
Google Media Server – TechCrunch
Geocoding a Classic – Boingboing

Edward Jones

First look Ubuntu 8.10 – Ars Technica
GoDaddy bids against customers – Nodaddy
Massachusetts: Tech Savvy – Yahoo
Prince Charles Wino Car – DailyMail

Listeners’ Notes:
Make with Slime – Fred
13 Best Movie Robots – Tom
Dell Sex Chat
iPhone Guided Tour
AMK Kids Instrument

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