Episode #9 11-28-07


Show is now on Zencast. OpenDNS is now active. Assessment tests are a pain. Ubuntu on Virtual PC and a lot more news.

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Band Sues Guitar Hero Over Likeness – USA Today
Does EeePC Violate Linux GPL? – iTWire
a Perfect 10?… – Yahoo
Maybe not… – Cnet
Hidden Terminal Commands in Leopard – Mac OSX Tips

On the Geek:

SPAM is Worse than Ever – USA Today
XP benchmarks better than Vista – Cnet
Verizon Says Bring your Own – New York Times
Virtual Store – ZDNet
Macbook Pro Drive Defect – Engadget
Python Updates in 2008 – CIO
Playing Desert Bus for Charity – Kotaku
Hollywood Sues Chinese Internet Site – News.com
Torvalds on Linux in 2008 – Information Week
It’s a  brick…. Mac…. – Slashdot
Geek puts Laptop in Guitar – Techeblog
Pay-as-you-drive – Cnet
The First Digital Accordian – Techeblog

Caught My Eye:
teXbox – CVG
Classical Music = Fan is Failing – Microsoft
How to Draw a Monkey – Wikihow

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