Episode#8 11-21-07


This week we talk about tons of stuff you can give your geek for the holidays. Also, looking for people to help write and link sites.

608-807-4379 – [email protected]

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Fake Online Friend leads to Girls’ Suicide – CNN
1/2 Million Databases have no Firewall – Network World
Firefox 3.0 leaves in over 700 bugs – AppScout
First Look at Firefox Beta 1 – ars Technica
Gets Restraining Order on TMobile – CNNMoney

On Geek.com

Ron Paul Collects $4Million Over Internet – LinuxInsider
The Whole Internet on this Page – Wordtothewise
AMD Spider – Cnet
– Lockergnome
Sony Slashes PS3 Dev Kit Price – Engadget
Don’t want to buy a PS3 for Guitar Hero? Get Frets on Fire – Sourceforge
You Can Have Your Pac-Man and Eat, too. – Engadget
Wal-Mart Giving BluRay Movies with PS3 – Cnet
Dissapearing Gmail? – Network World
Gmail Crashing Browsers – Network World
Google Removes Pay Per Post – Blorge
Amazon Kindle. aka the e-book – Engadget
Digital Orchestra Debuts – Guardian Unlimited

Black Friday Specials:

ThinkGeek.com for your Online Geek

There are a ton of Sales – Check your Local Newspaper for all the ads. However, www.blackfriday.info and blackfriday.gottadeal.com are two places you can go for all the ad info.

10 Year Watch:

Is Google 9 or 10? – Search Engine Land

Of Note:
Spiderweb Bike – ZDNet
Have Burt Reynolds get you a Dell through Spam – MediaPost
4000 dpi mouse? – Extreme Tech
Worlds Tiniest Projector – Engadget
Fireproof and Waterproof Hard Drive – Democrat and Chronicle
MySky – abcnews
Leopard Tweaks – Usingmac.com
See Your Website Through Different Browsers – Browsershots.org
Procrastination Flow Chart – Projectsidewalk

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