Episode 45 – 8-06-08 – Podcasting Outdoors


I decided to take the outside since it was a nice day. If works, we’ll do it again next week, too.

Computer Reload – Looking for investors – Listener Drive Continues

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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up )
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iPhone 2.0.1
MobileME Launch was Mistake – Engadget
Video Games Read Your Mind – USAToday
Cablevision wins DVR Ruling – USAToday
Phishers Phish Phishers – ZDNet
Kimber to Friendster – TechCrunch
Clone Your Pet – BBC
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The CHAD at it again – CNet
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TCT Podcast53″ Stainless Steel Roll A Way tool chest from Kobalt
TechTweak: Firefox – When download has stopped…

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Edward Jones

Nissan Lead Foot Pushes Back – AutoBlog
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Get an iMac

Listeners’ Notes:
Create Ultimate Windows CD
Electronic Tongue
Your Own Jetpack
Periodic Rings
Wood Geek Art

Multi-Touch Hologram
Dancing Prisioners

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