First Look: Sound Forge Pro 3 for Mac

Sound Forge Pro 3 for Mac

Sound Forge Pro 3 for

Any podcaster or musician out there knows – the better the , the better chance people will give you. Adding in something that you might not expect can bring some great results. Next thing you know, people are asking you how you made it sound so good.

That is where a program like Sound Forge Pro 3 for Mac comes in. With a version for Mac and one for PC, you can bring in tracks, or even whole songs, and get all the bumps and bruises out. You can re-organize thoughts, and even extract samples for other projects.

Even if you have a multi- or movie creator, a program like Sound Forge Pro allows you to take time away from the whole project and focus on one bit. Most video and audio editors will have a function in the settings to open single tracks into another program.

Pros of Sound Forge Pro 3 for Mac

This program is very straightforward. You can instantly customize it to where you feel comfortable in your . You can move window panes in and out with single mouse clicks. You can even change from a 1 wave space to 2 with a click.

Most VST plugins are instantly recognized. I didn’t have to do any extra setup to bring in VST’s like the Toneforge – Jason Richardson plugin I am working on.

You don’t need the latest Mac to help you fix your sound. I run a Late 2011 Macbook Pro and the does not skip a beat. I suppose there would be advantages to having a 2016 Macbook Pro, but for what I do, it works very well.

The iZotope RX Elements and Ozone 7 Elements are included so you can change bit rate and sample resolution. Turn a 24 bit audio into 8-bit. Resample a 192 kHz sound to match the 96 kHz of the rest of the project.

A Way for Podcasters to Master Tracks

I see this as a great way for podcasters to not only clean up interviews and conversations, but also to add body to the overall sound. You can even re-organize sections if you find the conversation flows better. Set up markers and regions so you can work on those specific areas as you go. When you take the “ums” out, the audio compacts for you.

Better Sounding Music

I’ve been working on a couple solos through Sound Forge Pro. One trick I’m having fun with is taking the Left side of an elongated note, and reversing the sound. It really adds to the solo.

You can also give it more depth with effects at specific times, or using a 3rd party VST to enhance sound.

Overall Thoughts of Sonic Foundry Pro 3 for Mac

It’s easy to use, and a great editor for Mac – older or new. Bring in any type of audio, clean it up, then send it back to the DAW, or add it to your CD project.


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