Ford Ojo PLEV Electric Scooter

’s newest offering a an called or as likes to call refer it, a “Personal light ”. You don’t need a license to drive it, or registration, or even insurance. It’s perfect for commuters. This will do 20 MPH and has a 25 mile range, which can be doubled with an add-on battery pack. It offers a smooth ride thanks to a suspension system on both wheels and a rigid aluminum unibody structure.

You’ll find a touchscreen on the dashboard and two embedded speakers so you can play music thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity. A built-in power cord plugs into a standard wall outlet for power. You won’t have to carry a heavy battery to and fro. Charging takes about five hours from empty. It has a 500w Hyper-gear motor which provides a lot of torque.

What makes the Ojo so unique is that it is its own category of scooter. It’s not super powerful, but its power is in the fact that you will be breezing in bike lanes and going wherever bikes can go while others are sitting in traffic. Plus, you can drive the Ojo without a license. You would be hard pressed to find its features in more portable stand-up electric scooters.

Astoundingly, you get all of this for just over $2,000. Get a Ojo now.


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