Geek Smack! #198: R2D2 Helmets, Android Malware is Up, Fox wants Hulu to Wait


Geek Smack! – This morning we had a power rainstorm. Apparently, there is a crack in the foundation, for the Geek studio got wet. Nothing bad – just water on the floor. Still, it caused a slight delay in getting the show out as the fans were on high trying to dry out the room.

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Geek Smack! Tech News:

HP TouchPad Fate
– The fun of getting a this weekend…
RUMOR: Samsung Might be Looking at HP PC’s
– Will HP give up their machines like IBM did years ago?
Twitter adds Photo Galleries
– too little, too late?
Chrome Holes Patched
– Multiple browser fixes.
Miramax Digital Movies on Facebook
– Movie rental app will become locker app soon.
Facebook Hacker Accounts Reactivated
– Spam filter glitch caused problem
United Airlines Pilots get iPads
– Hopefully they won’t use while flying…
Android with Most Malware?
– Doesn’t bode too well with market…

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Geek Smack! Geek News:

Gamer – Mad Catz Gaming Controllers
TRON – Duct Tape Light Cycles
Guitar – Deli Stomp Box Exhibit
DIY or – DIY R2D2 Helmet
Beer – Missing Link found!
Scoble – Google Plus Re-Evaluation
Comics or Superman – DC Universe Reboot – Superman
MAKE or Spy – Grappling Hoot Launcher
Science – Chickens with Aligator Snouts

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: wants to hold their shows off for 7 days

Hulu is losing control. TV stations want to be on the popular website, but don’t want viewers to watch their content? Comedy Central last year pulled their shows off Hulu for contract reasons. Now they are back – why? Because of a better contract? Not really.

Because they know Hulu is a popular service and will get more viewers.

Why does Fox want people to wait a week to watch Bones, Glee, House and more? It’s bad enough I can’t see some of those shows on my Roku. They are just encouraging DVR recordings and piracy.

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