Geek Smack! #201: HP, Yahoo! Change CEO. What Direction Should they Go from Here?


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Geek Smack! Tech News:

Oracle Sparc T4 Series
– Will Oracle start a Sun Revival? Will it be in a tent?
Sprint LTE in 2012
– You wishers might have to wait a little longer…
Delicious Relaunch
-Show notes not on Delicious right now…
Facebook iPad Dev Now Google Employee
– The new soap: As the Social Network Turns…
Spotify Adds 250,000 Users a Day
-Spotify gets in bed with , good or bad idea?
App to find if Son is Gay
-You could just ask your son…
Android Doubles iPhone in Sales
-This is what happens when you saturate the market.
Apple is not Multi-Touch
-Say it Freely! No restrictions!
Turn your iPhone in for $250
– Vinnie needs a phone to whack a guy…

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Geek Smack! Geek News:

– Coffee Powered Car
robots – Birds and Octoroaches
Greek Mythology – Centaur Skeleton
– Oldest car up for Auction
Geocities – New Geocities Archived
Star Wars – Giant Lightsaber Battle
Ferret – The Ferret is BACK!

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: The State of HP, Yahoo! Time for a Facelift!

Apotheker is out. Meg Whitman is in. Former eBay CEO is president and CEO in a move that might change people’s minds about HP. So is the consumer division up for sale? Are we going to see the TouchPad come back? What did Apotheker do right?

In the Meantime, Carol Bartz is out. Jerry Yang says the site is not for sale, but then says it is. No new CEO is being saught right now.  Did the board do a good job? Should someone buy Yahoo? Will their business side take a major hit? Maybe the company should rebrand?

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