Geek Smack! 206: Stockholder calls Yahoo! Out


Geek Smack! – Back from a very productive week at Ford and BlogWorld. Voices of New Media will be up shortly in format. Check out the updated My Ford Touch Interface. Also got a review SSD from OWC. Will be testing shortly. Finally, got an interesting call I talk about on the show this week.

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Geek Smack! Tech News:

iTunes Malware Hits
– The stock price tracker is meant to warn people
Google Plus for Business
-Groups for . Good or bad?
Scoble on Google+ Brand Pages
– The bad on what you can set up with a Google Business account
LCD TV Panel Show Decrease
– Making way for LED and OLED
Firefox 8 Launches
– Now with search
Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet
-Is it worth the $250 price tag?
Facebook Rebounds 
– Maybe Google + hasn’t killed just yet…
Can Hackers Open Prision Doors?
– Not too far fetched…

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Geek Smack! Geek News:

Meat – This Vending Machine Gives Meat
Coaching – The Coaching Application
Jailbreaking – Hidden Panorama Feature in iOS5
Protester – How Can I Protect my Job While Protesting
Sleeping – The Portable Napping Bed
Air-travel – Ryanair’s In-Flight Entertainment?

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: What is Yahoo! Thinking

It’s more and more prevalent that Yahoo! doesn’t know what direction to go. With the lack of CEO, that (by some strange default) makes Jerry Yang the head of a company he was forced to step down from. Yahoo! has been going like “Business Usual”, trying to hide the ship that is sinking.

USA Today reports Daniel Loeb, a stockholder (5.2%) is not happy. He also claims some conflict of interests because several buyout firms are trying to get a controlling stake. If they succeed, people like Loeb could be in for a long waste of time and no chance to regain profits lost from the 2008 buyout debacle.

Yahoo! needs to take some advice: Just sell it, already!

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