Geek Smack! 210: Is XBox Update Turning Game System Away From Gaming?


Geek Smack! – OK. My prediction was not correct. Not to say it’s not going to happen later… Trip to Detroit next week, so no show. Madison Social Media Club having the Jingle Mingle – any Social Mediites should attend. Also, another iPad365 episode will be out in the next week.

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Facebook Acquires Gowalla
– More poising for Facebook phone
Apple Cannot Block Samsung in US
– Galaxy Tab is on it’s way
RUMOR Apple TV Coming
– Get up to a 55″ display, will have the A6 processor
Don’t Install Full Siri
– Jailbroken software send all your information to China. ALL OF IT.
Verizon Blocks Google Wallet on Nexus
– Google is complying, but no one will say why.
AT&T Rated Worst
– Second year in a row for the phone carrier
Stumbleupon Launches Update
– Welcoming brands into the fold
$100 Tablet
– Ainol NOV07 – Android 4.0 Tablet
.xxx is Live
– The new Top Level Domain went live at 11 am

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Remember the old football and baseball handheld games? You moved the little red LED to the end-zone.  Well, get your favorite geek a blast from the past with the Classic Football Game
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Geek Smack! Geek News:

Modding –  House of the Rising Sun by Computer Peripherals
Star Wars 0r Cello – Cello Wars
Car – Never Worry About a Flat Again
Angry Birds – Angry Birds Cookbook
Social Media – 5 Thing You Should Do on LinkedIn
Game or NES – Supaboy Turns SNES into Handheld
Board Game – Assassins Creed Board Game
Muppet – Sesame Disco

Geek Smack! Topic of the Week: Turning XBox Away From Gaming

There have been reports out there that say gaming sales are down. Not to say that gaming is dead, but Microsoft does seem to have plans. A new update launched earlier today gave XBox and Update for Gesture, Voice. Now, you can play a game without a controller, or sort through your media with a comment or wave of the hand.

And it doesn’t stop there – Verizon FIOS is on-board. What would happen if your next XBox had a coaxial cable attached? CES Innovation Honoree Wi3 has a way to attach Ethernet connectors to your coax cable. Day by day, we are planning more for Internet based TV.

So there may now be a time where you want to watch a movie, but the kids want to play a game. What do you do? Buy another XBox 360? Flip a coin to see who wins?

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