Why I Bought 1 Share of Facebook Stock


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Awesome Images of the Solar Eclipse (credit: MiWok)

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Geek Smack: Why I Bought One Share of Facebook


Why I bought one share of Facebook

Last week, Facebook filed their Internet Public Offering. It was a modest $38 a share, which some predicted would go up to $100 a share. However, after a fluctuating day, the stock was right back at $38. Monday didn’t bring any good news either, as it dropped to $31.46 by Tuesday morning.

The biggest problems with the stock is that Facebook gives away a lot of content without ads. One out of every Seven users access the site through the mobile phone or tablet. That is a lot of money being wasted. And while sometimes its good to give away the horse for free, when someone else owns the horse, you have to make sure you can pay the lease.

So on Friday, I made sure I bought 1 share of Facebook stock. Why?

Mostly for novelty. I bought a share of a tech giant the day it went on sale. I missed it with Yahoo!, I missed it with Google. I was too young at the time to buy Microsoft and Apple when they issued. However, I can say I am a First gen Facebook shareholder. One share doesn’t sound like much, but if the stock was to skyrocket, it would have split. Then one share would have become two. If the performance picks up, I could see this stock split a few times.

Think about it – two becomes four, four becomes eight, then 16, 32, 64, 128. The chances of the stock splitting seven times are not great, but 2 or 3 could happen. If shares rise to $100, I have $800 in 1 $38 stock. Even if it doesn’t split, I’ll have $100 in a $38 stock I bought.But if the stock fails, and either gets de-listed or Facebook decides to buy back all the shares and re-privatize, then I still had only invested $38 in a novelty.

Let’s hope it splits ten times, then goes past $100 in the next few years. That will give me a nice $100,000. Then I’ll be singing the Facebook Thank You Song

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