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Welcome to ! The reboot of .com’s flagship program. The focus of the show has taken a slight turn, but you will still see some great and Geek news. If you like it, please let your friends know. You can also take my small survey.

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Geek Smack! Tech News:

Google Takes Down 93,000 Scam ads
– AdWords are removed so you cannot find the malware.
Zynga Filing for IPO
– They want to raise $1.2 billion – Do they have a plan if Facebook was to die tomorrow?
LulzSec Gone, New Group Takes Over
– One leaves, another comes in. Maybe they started their own club?
Web Based Office now Ready
– Steve Ballmer shows off Office 365.  “We’re gonna fight you to the death…” $6 / Month for service.
RUMOR: One or Two iPhone5’s?
– My Take? Apple doesn’t go backwards. The 3GS will be the prepay. Gutted!
– CEO and staff axed after company purchases
WebOS in the Wild
– July 1st the TouchPad goes on sale.
HTC Ends Crappy Pix
– 8 MP cameras in HTC phones to counter iPhone’s 5 MP camera.
Topcon IP-S2 Detailed Maps
– Do you use Virtual maps to determine where you are going? I took a walk around New York before I went to NYC.

QOTW: Do you like the new direction of Geek Smack!

What is a Geek? What is a Dork? What is a Nerd? Here is my definition:

“A geek is somebody that has a good knowledge of something and can help you out.” Jeffrey continues, “I’m a Geek. A dork is a person who extrudes that a bit more. I am a dork for wearing Star Wars shirts like what I am wearing. A nerd is someone who is completely consumed.”

Geek Smack! Geek News:

LEGO Superman!
– LEGO Superman and LEGO Green Lantern
Kids can Buy Violent Video Games!
– Supreme Court makes final decision
Team Fortress 2 Free!
– Play Team Fortress for free. Article by RNR Mongoose
Star Wars Galaxies Shut Down
– Star Wars Galaxies will be shut down by the end of the year. Maybe to make way for another game? Can someone else pick up the server?
Paul McCartney Goes into the Cloud
– Pictures, Video and audio from Paul McCartney is going in the cloud. Will we get a new Beatles song?
Maker Shed 64 Button Shield
– Cool musical instrument make from arcade buttons!
BioShock Best Game at E3
– Congratulations to BioShock!
Vintage British sci-fi shows
– Are these dolls, or people?
Sun Glasses Made of Hair!?!
– Not sure, is this actual hair or hair extensions?

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