Geekazine 6th Anniversary Episode: FAA Changes Rules: Keep Your Device On

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Six years ago, I started a website called Geekazine. It’s six years later and I am still going!

Spoke at UW Platteville on Glass. Was an awesome time learning about the entrepreneur program there. Last nights TWIGG was phenomenal with Chris Pick and seeing Glass v.2. We tried to figure out the differences, but they must all be inside. iPad365 was nominated for a PodcastAward. Please go vote for the show!

Did you see the Habitat for Humanity Ford F150 video? Speaking of which, next week I’ll be in Tucson Arizona for a Ford event.


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Geek Smack! episode 281 Tech News:

Google Helpouts
– Paid experts go online to help you with problems
Nexus 5
– High demand pushes ship time back to 3-4 weeks
AMD Radeon R9 290
– Quick review: Is it worth the buy?
T-Mobile IPv6
– Android 4.4 devices will be IPv6 only
Google Takedown
– Google rejects a takedown order from Microsoft for
Nokia Samsung
– Patent deal extended another 5 years, even though Nokia is now with Microsoft.
JumpCam Android
– JumpCam, the collabroative smartphone video service, adds an Android app
Helium Drive
– Western Digital 6 TB helium drive goes on sale.

Geekedia of the Week

Need a Website? Go Daddy has everything you need to get on the web!

Geek Smack! Geek News

Netflix at 4K
– Netflix tries out some 4K – 24 fps content.
Apple Managed Distribution
– With Managed Distribution in iOS7 and Mavericks, you can issue and revoke app licenses.
No Coders
– Programmers are not always techies nowadays. 3rd party software can create apps you need.
Google Barge
– Barges showed up in San Francisco and Maine but noone knows what they are.
LCD Privacy
– Create a LCD monitor that you can only see
Apple in USA
– New plant in Arizona to develop the glass for Apple products
Password Protection
– Chromium added a new build which masks users passwords
Target iPad Trade-in
– Bring in your iPad to Target (even iPad 1) and get a $200 gift card


Geek Smack: Your Devices Stay On – FAA Reverses a Policy

For years, flight attendants would tell you had to turn off your phone completely – not just in Airplane mode. I personally like to listen to music as I but could never do that until now. With the new rule, can I really continue to use my devices as the plane takes off?

Let’s start with the obvious – If you have a big, bulky laptop that needs the tray table down; you probably won’t be able to keep that running during take-off. An (in Airplane mode), iPad, kindle or other e-reader, mp3 player and even my Google Glass can stay on while the plane is taking off.

The FAA states that if the device could possibly impede evacuation, then it will not be allowed during take-off or landing. An iPad and iPhone can either be held or placed in either your pocket or the seat pocket in front of you.

Now I am guessing the new words to use are “Not our responsibility”. e.g. it’s not the airline’s responsibility if you drop your iPhone and the screen cracks during take-off or landing.

That might be obvious to some, but you know someone is going to try and buck the system.

The FAA also says you may still be asked to turn off your devices if there is any possibility it could impede the flight. These would most likely include emergency situations – strong storms being a simple example.

If it’s a small price to pay for your safety, I would do it.

It will be nice to listen to music or podcasts on my phone or tablet during . It will also be nice to read or play a game that doesn’t require a cellular or wifi signal while we are making it up to 30,000 feet. I’ll also be able to legally take pictures and video of Madison, WI and other cities. Now all I need is peanuts and a good drink and I’m set to fly…

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