Geekazine Podcast Ep 89 – 6-03-09 – Homeless edition


Shorter show because still at the old Place. I’ll tell you why – TVazine videos doing well – Weekend in Grand Rapids – Summer of Geekazine Contest going on. Win an Epson 700.

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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News)
Android II – T-Mobile announcement
Apple Sued – Actus has Electronic Tokens
Kindle buys E-INK
Google’s new Search Appliance
News from E3
Wii Pacemaker
Everyone wants to be a Wii – Natal

JOTW – Three lead of decide to jump ship and apply at Yahoo. They tell Yahoo they have the ability to recapture the #1 search engine spot for Yahoo. Yahoo calls one of the programmers in and after 20 minutes, he walks out of the office all distraught. The other programmer turn to him and ask “What did they say?”. The programmer turns to them and replies – “They said they already got one”.

Shoe Google – Google taking on e-books
Bing – Microsoft Hits a Home Run
Why Bing will Fail – What is a Discover Engine?

CTC Scarpar
QOTC – Do you like Bing?

Twitter Spam – We’ve only just begun.
Win Tickets to Playboy Mansion

NeatDesk – Paper trail to go away?
OCZ SSD – Up to a in size
QWERTY Handlebar grip
Iomega E-Go – 1 gig in 15 seconds

CES Videos – Geekazine
CMSExpo Videos – SDRNews

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