Geekazine Podcast Ep 98 – 8-05-09 – The Update Ate my iPhone


Site issues; but now it’s faster! Blogworld bound – The Update caused some problems today. Video studio is starting to shape up, but the computers need attention – Two more to Show 100 (August 19th). Congrats to Todd and GNC Show 500.

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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News)
Did you update your iPhone to 3.0.1?
Snow Leopard Pre-Orders
The Shack – No Basketball players or B52 song here
Zune HD Press Shots
10 Years for Modding XBOX
ABC on Netflix – Your TV is getting lonely
Million Linux Kernals at Once
Baby Used on Craigslist – He’s not up for Adoption
Why the App Developer was Banned
-NOTE to PCMag – Annoying Ad.
Nintendo Facebook
Palm Pre Ads
The Scammer Scams Defcon

Google vs. Apple – The war begins….
Google vs. Microsoft – Billboards tell all
FTC Steps In

QOTW – Is Google Waging Too Many Wars?

Consumption Meters
The Tenenbaum Issue – Did RIAA win?
Sony Not Doing Too Well?
Tech Cars Need Juice

Nikon S100pj
Lego Lightbulb
Mimo 710s USB Monitor – WHAT!?! $149.00!?! Awesome!
Death Star Cookie Jar
World’s Largest Soap Bubble

Watch SSD Get Built
The Funny iPhone Commercial

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