Gogo Inflight Internet is Improving Your Connections – CES 2015

Gogo Inflight

Gogo Inflight

While at the International CES show, I got to talk with Steve Nolan of Gogo inflight Internet. We learned about how their planes have the 2nd generation technology which tripled the bandwidth. Gogo is working on their third generation satellite system which will improve the speeds up to 20 times more.

“The technology that helps us bring more bandwidth has to do with the type of antenna we use. Its a very low-profile phased array antenna. We actually used two – one for send and another for receive. The benefits are numerous – the consumers will receive significantly more bandwidth to the plane.”

The first planes to get 3rd generation technology will be Aero Mexico and Virgin Atlantic with more coming throughout the year.

Gogo also offers some services including “Gogo Vision” where you can stream or rent movies from your device while on the plane. This takes away the seatback solution. They get old and weigh down the plane significantly.

Gogo also is offering T-Mobile customers with Wi-fi calling, you can send and receive text messages while in flight. There are many free and paid options you can choose from – whether in a smaller regional jet or flying overseas in a Jumbo jet.

For more information, check out GogoAir.com


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