When Government Gets Breached: the South Carolina Cyber Attack

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Geek Smack: South Carolina Gets Breeched. What Happens now that Government Messed Up.

South Carolina

South Carolina

If you live in South Carolina you might have woken to some startling news. Over 3.6 million social security numbers and 387,000 credit cards were exposed to a foreign hacker.

An investigation is underway on how the hacker got into the South Carolina Department of Revenue. The hacker got into a database using “Sophisticated Equipment.”

Officials urge that if you filed a tax return in South Carolina to contact them. Although over the weekend the flood of calls gave many people busy signals.

Now any IT expert can say that high encryption is not impossible to breech but it’s also not an easy task. However it seems that encrypting data was on the top of the Department of Revenue’s mind as there were 16,000 credit cards that were not under some type of encryption.

This compromised database had only SSN in it – which is pretty odd because a Tax return database would have names, addresses and more. So what was this database all about?

Hackers attack government agencies all the time. It’s like a cyber version of “Oceans 11” – where hitting a casino and getting away with it is a major accomplishment. South Carolina shows us our guard cannot be down for even one minute.

South Carolina residents are encouraged to keep an eye on your credit report. Contact the FTC for a free report at 877-322-8228.

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