GWP 2010-07-07 #146: Summer of Podcast Code Inside!


Well, I had to change the time on the because crews started ripping up the streets today and I am still waiting for parts to the computer. Jackhammers don’t work well on recordings. Social Media Day was a bust for Madison – but I am not worried. 2nd Summer of Podcasts contest specific codes are underway. We have a code for you tonight.

Also going to talk about the changes that will happen in the next month with the shows – The move to the Geek Bar. Maybe for the 150th episode on Aug 4? Video watchers get to see the new video intro of Geekazine.

Check out the Jabra White Stone I got just now. Also continuing evaluation of Data Vault x310.

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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News)
Apple App Store Issues
EMC Acquires Greenplum
Prince Says “Internet is So Done”
Justin Bieber YouTube Hack
Should Google Voice get Skype-like Client?
MTV looking for TJ – Twitter Jockey
AT&T Capping Upload Speeds?
E-Books Longer Read than Books
Power Strip that Gets Wet, Still Works!
George Lucas says Laser is Too Much like Lightsaber

QOTW – Would you / Have you used WiFi on a Plane?

II Catches iPad Thief
Netflix Gaining Partner in Relativity Media for Streaming Video
10% of Air Passengers use Wi-Fi
Back to the Future Laces a Reality – Sort Of

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