GWP 2010-09-01 #154: We Give Away Some Wicked Headphones


Don’t you love Thunderstorms? We just had one that knocked out the power and internet for about 30 minutes. The smell in the house is superb!

I did not go to San Francisco – I’ll explain about it on the show. It has been an interesting couple days and the push for the video in Tech History has begun. Also going to be joining up with for a session at BlogWorld & New Media Expo.

The new newsletter goes online next week!

Got a favorite T-Shirt? Did you make it? Let me know and I’ll wear it on the show!

Find out how you can win a pair of Wicked Headphones

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I – S.U.N. (Straight Up News)
Commodore Amiga is BACK!
Skype Goes Corporate
Intel Buys Infineon
Palm WebOS 2.0 SDK
KISS Headphones
Foursquare says: STD Free!
Google Prioritizes
Google Bug Report
AutoCAD Back on Mac
Oxford Going Printless?
First Online School in San Jose

Video – CES live stream event with Pogoplug
QOTW – Is Apple giving in with Live Streaming the Event?

NASA Opens Photo sharing site
Virginia DMV IT Outtages
Apple Livestreaming Event?
Hard Candy Cases for iTouch 4G
Google gets SocialDeck – Gaming System Coming?
iPhone Stethoscope Changing Doctors?

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