GWP 2011-02-02 #174: Geek Blizzard 2011


The week has been a long one. Started with a local theft issues. Now we are on Geek 2011. Closing a local website forum I’ve run for 5 years. Getting ready for the Packers in Superbowl 45.Happy Groundhog day. My first song for February Album Writing Month (FAWM) is called Punxsutawney Phil where did you go?

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Show Notes:
IBM 100 Years
Bing Plagiarizes Google?
Google Latitude Check-ins
Bye Bye IPv4
Is AT&T Overcharging?
Android Overtakes Symbian
Sandy Bridge Affects Apple?
Roku adds USB
Body Scanners Stick Figures
Mame Your Netbook
ASUS Lamborghini HDD

Video – Horizon Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Airlines Facebook
Today Show Clueless on Internet
HP Calls out Apple in Cool
The Real Issues with No Internet in Egypt
Cats Playing Pattycake

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