GWP 2011-04-13 #184: Zuckerberg, Kittens and Dolphins


Am I missing something? Who takes a successful company and ends it? Who buys a line of consumer gadgets to close it up? Some companies are doing weird things with their assets that don’t make sense. In the Meantime, I talk about my trip to a different type of conference and ask what other shows should I be covering. is also a part of a contest to Win a Lenovo M90z. Check out the Morning Tech Show last Saturday as I was with Patrick Lawson and Todd Cochrane talking geek. We also talk about Facebook, and yes – and Dolphins – along with beer and Robotic Merit Badges. All on the .

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Show Notes:
AOL Shuts Down Download Squad
Unicode characters in 33 minutes
Ad Supported Kindle
Intel Tablet Chipsets
Google Acquires PushLive
Windows 7 Patch
Adobe CS5 – Buy or Rent?
Cisco Shuts Down Flip
Robotic Merit Badge
AT&T First Pay-As-Go Phone
Amazon Stealing Android?
Police Peeping at Emails
Facebook Ads Jumped 40%
DIY Kitchen Sink Slide Guitar
Pro Rig: Make Beer at Home

QOTW: Thoughts on Cisco closing Flip
Video: Music out of Game Boy

HTC Video Service on Vodaphone
Senator Proposes Internet Sales Tax
Eye-Fi Direct Mode
Paul Ciglia has Proof on Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg’s Reputation Damaged?
Zuckerberg on MAD
Kitten and Dolphin Interaction

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