GWP 2011-05-18 #187: Lots of News, Rumors and My Trip to New York


Two weeks off, lots to talk about. Small cold coming on – Time for some Vitamin C! Interop went very well – 20 interviews recorded. Next week trip to New York and BlogWorld & New Media Expo – Prices start at $50!. Also may be making a stop at TechCrunch Disrupt. I created a small survey – let me know what you think! I am also backing a project on KickStarter – Imaginary Marching Band

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Show Notes:
RUMOR: Amazon Making Tablets?
RUMOR: Microsoft Looking to buy Nokia?
RUMOR: Apple Launching New Products?
– Will it be the Nano with Camera? Will it be a new computer or iPhone micro-mini Transformer? Will it be the 7″ ? Only time will tell… at 1 Billion Views – The new debuted today.
Sneakerpedia – Foot Locker’s Wiki
Sixth Grader Steals Teachers iPad
Sony Playstation Network Apology – They are giving you cups of coffee…
Bing Integrates Facebook More
Chromium OSB: Is it worth it?
HP Chooses USB 3.0 over Thunderbolt – HP, please change your mind…
Playbook Goes International
Pix and Stix – Drum sticks for iPad – I’m a drummer. I can tell you, someone is going to break the screen…
Parents name kid “Like”
50 Compelling Brain Facts – Drink more water!
Green Latern Mimobots
How Augmented Reality can Change Lives
Man Builds Computer from Scratch

QOTW: Thoughts on New Look?
Video: 18 year old’s Facial Recognition program – Interop

Google Doodle Drives Traffic?
Microsoft Skype Deal
Apple Smacks Patent Trolls – Um, is there Irony in this one?
11 Largest Data Breaches – Thanks Jon!
Office Supply X-Wing Fighter

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