GWP 2011-06-15 #189: The LAST Geekazine Weekly Podcast


Well, it’s been a fun run, but it’s time to change up the show schedule. After some thought, I decided to say goodbye to the Weekly (sort of). In two weeks, the show will be re-branded with a new direction. So I ask you – the listener. What do you want to hear on the show? Don’t forget about ’s small survey. Next week I’ll be out in for a Ford event. Video from HP Discover is also being uploaded all this week. Finally, Thanks to and for the link love!

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Show Notes:
OSX Lion Reboot to Safari
Ann Livermore Moved to Board
Apple’s Ron Johnson Now JCPenny’s CEO
Google Acquires AdMeld
Duke Nukem Releases!
Reveiw – Arkham Horror
Facebook looks at RockMelt
Comcast intros Skype
SplashTop Most Popular App
Hulu adds British Shows
Bill Gates still a Geek
USB Power Pot
BitTorrent and Blacklisted
Steve Jobs Statement HQ in 1983
Non-Contract iPHone Costs More
First iPhone in Space Hits 5 Million Users
Internet Archive Scanning Books
Bookshelf House
Girl’s TARDIS is Stolen

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Video: Teaser video – Video Setup of Geekazine

Apple Store Union?
Facebook IPO – Would You?
Facebook People Are not Leaving
Likester Facebook Republican President Debate?
Iron Man Hulk Mark I Suit

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