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Laid back week this week. Finally tested out my Glass with the band – the packing tape over the seems to be working! We’ll see what happens over the next , although its getting colder here (a actually had to pull out a jacket today!) Last nights’ TWIGG was an awesome show – next week we will be bringing on a guest and talk about Glass in healthcare. Day in Tech History’s 1,500th episode went out today. 365 episodes a day since Aug 10, 2009. Also continued to be attacked by . Had to increase security.

A new website is in the works for podcasters. Something I have been thinking about since June. It will help bring a little more validity to shows. More info coming soon…


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Geek Smack! episode 274 Tech News:

Google Bump
- the Bump app for $30 million
Entrepreneur Replies

-One company looking to proove techniques by one patent troll
Chromecast Update
– Chromecast adds button to videos on 3rd party websites
Pandora Adds Shares
– New CEO of Pandora Brian McAdams looks to sell 14 million more shares of the online music stock
Google Voice Update
– New added to Google Voice
Vinyl Up 745%
seeing a rise in purchasing of vinyl
Sony Smartstick
-Challenging Chromecast with new HDMI from Sony
GM Follows Tesla
-Working on a $30,000 – 200 mile EV car 

Geekedia of the Week

World War Z

Need a Website? Go Daddy has everything you need to get on the web!

Geek Smack! Geek News

– Virgin Mobile’s new YouTube channel allows you to change the ad by blinking
Gates is Richest

– For 20th straight year, Bill Gates is the
New Bing Logo
-What do you think? Did you like the old bing logo better?
Rhapsody Reductions
– A pioneer of streaming web music is laying off 30
Pirates Beware

– AT&T threatens pirates with disconnection
NFC Automate
– 6 things you can do with NFC on your Android phone
RIP Wayne Green
– Started Byte Magazine and 80Micro
Star Wars Crawl
– Man uses HTML and CSS to create the Star Wars opening crawl
– Indiegogo iPhone darkroom photo process

Geek Smack: It’s About HDMI 2.0

Right now, devices like Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, XBox and PS3 are fighting for that lone HDMI port in the back of your TV. But that will change soon as the new specification for HDMI 2.0 has been announced at IFC last week. But will you need to upgrade that TV?

First, the only reason why you would want to update to the new HD specification is if you have a 4K TV and want the true 4k-60 fps video. You also want to upgrade if you want 4K-3D television.

Current standards are HDMI 1.4. If you have an older TV (4 years or older) then you don’t even have that specification. This standard basically will send a 3.4 Gbit/s throughput signal to your TV. HDMI 2.0 will increase that between 6 GBit/s to a full 18 GBit/s throughput.

Color depth will stay at 48 bit/px. The resolution will stay at 3840×2160 but will allow 60 fps, instead of 30. The clock rate of HDMI will also increase – from 340 to 600 MHz.

The best part – you probably won’t need any new cables. In fact, some TVs might be able to upgrade via firmware update. If you have a Sony TV made in the last 2-3 years, you will most likely be able to switch to the new HDMI 2.0 format with an update.

HDMI 2.0 won’t really start coming out until the end of the year. We’ll probably see a lot of CES announcements for HDMI 2.0. Until then – you’ll just have to wait for the upgrade.

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