HiMirror Smart Mirror Helps Keep Skin Happy and Healthy

When you go to an event like SXSW, you can be sleep deprived, along with tons of movement in a possibly dry environment, all can attribute to your skin becoming dry and unhealthy. launched this last year to help you understand the problem areas and how you can fix it.



What is HiMirror

HiMirror is a camera and mirror system that collects facial information and comes back with help on problem areas, and make-up tips. A virtual and consultant for you. The mirror is fog-free, so if you step out of the shower, you can go straight to the mirror and get assessments and tips.

HiMirror also works with your whole body – the additional Smart Body Scale allows for understanding your body indexes – Body mass, body water, bone mass, and basal metabolic rate.

Finally, the HiSkin is a portable analyzer to log data when you may not be in front of the mirror. It will target 9 factors to help your home beauty routine.

In the Video

I talk with Michelle Del Rio about HiMirror and get a simple reading about how my skin is doing during SXSW.

Prices and Availability

HiMirror starts at $189, with a HiMirror plus version for $259


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