Hotel Room Walkthrough: Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan Hotel - Las Vegas NVI go to events year round. During the year I stay in hotels across the country. About two years ago I decided to add a walkthrough videos to my YouTube channel.

Today, I am adding them to as well. After all, we all need to get away and find a place to stay. Additionally, I cannot add photos to the channel (yet). So without any further ado, here is the latest Hotel Walkthrough

Hotel and , Las Vegas NV.

I have a room in the Terrace Studio in the middle of the hotel. This room overlooks the MGM Grand, New York, New York, and Aria hotels. I can also see the mountainscape as I sit on the balcony watching the nightlife progress.

This studio suite is set up with many amenities. The King size bed allows for 1-2 people to get a great night’s sleep. TVs in the living and sleeping area allow for relaxation and comforts of home.

Closet and Storage Space

At the foot of the bed is a trunk-style bench. Open it up to put clothes or bags into, then close it up for a place to sit to put on socks and shoes. The 3-door closet gives you space for hanging, folding and even putting your suitcases into. Bath robes, slippers and shoe covers are also found in this area.

Wireless Lighting Turns it all On…

At certain spots in the room are on/off switches. They control all the lights wireless. However, each light can be turned on and off on their own. Therefore if you need light for the room or just something to read with, you don’t have to run around the whole room clicking switches.

Small Kitchenette with Dish Washer

Although there are no plates to wash, you do get cupboards to hold dry goods and canned goods, along with plates and silverware. A microwave allows for re-heating food and a sink to prepare and wash.

The mini-bar has weighted slots so if you don’t want to get charged for anything, don’t touch it. The fridge does have a spot for your foods, but most of the bar is purchasable drinks.

In the middle is a small dishwasher capable of washing a few plates, glasses and other assorted items. If you are using the suite to entertain, this will help keep things tidy.

Large Bathroom with 99% privacy

The two-sink bathroom is equipped with standing shower, separate door toilet, and a whirlpool bath. The sliding door will close the room from the side, but the island area only has a Venetian blind between . Only concerns for privacy when showering or bathing.

Terrace Balcony with a Great View

The outer suites can overlook the strip. You can also relax from the terrace area as the Cosmopolitan offers a chair with foot rest. Perfect for having that cigar at the end of the day without smelling up the rest of the room.

Overall – Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

This has been a great stay in a hotel that’s in the heart of the action. Small walks to Planet Hollywood and Bellagio, along with the Vegas Railway. The noise level of the strip might impede lower level rooms but you don’t come here for the quiet.

Shops are abundant and food is available for whenever you are hungry. I had a Quesadilla and milk for about $40 through room service ($5 delivery fee).

Whirlpool bath really helped me relax at the end of the day. I wasn’t bothered by any external hallway noise and the “Do not Disturb” signs dont fall off when you are opening the door.

The bathroom wallpaper was a trip and harder to get used to. The patterns do mis-match a little from room to room.

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t mind staying here again…

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