How HP Helped “Share a Coke”

This year, had a very popular campaign in “Share a Coke”. So who did they get to help print all the names on the sides of the bottles? HP had that honor. I talked with Doris Brown-McNally from HP’s Graphics Solutions Business about the campaign at HP Discover, the new artwork campaign starting and what that could lead to for businesses.

The Target of “Share a Coke”

Coke did a survey and found the “Tweeners” (between 8-18 years of age) did not know if they have tried a Coke before. They wanted to tailor a campaign around bringing that demographic in. Coke wanted the bottle to “Visually speak to them”.

This campaign did just that.

The results of that campaign – According to the Wall Street Journal, Coke’s volumes in the US rose .4% for the summer months whereas sales rose 2.5%. Best part, they did reach the target age bracket with the viral idea.

“We had this one guy propose to his girlfriend,” Doris states. “He found the bottles ‘Will’, ‘Hugh’, ‘Marry’, and a set of flowers at the end in the refrigerator.”

I have noticed this trend, also. A couple days later I went to a friend’s house and they had set up in their holiday decorations was the names of all the family members via Coke bottles.

What’s Next with Coke and HP

I got to see some of the next campaign ideas the two companies are working on. This is only available in Israel right now, but you can get a with a unique design. Each design has a number on the back of the bottle where you can log in to get other things printed in this design. A cell phone cover, a T-shirt or even… a car!

Other Projects by HP

Doris showed me other great ideas and projects HP is working on. Of course, the area that I was in was all wall-wraps. You could wrap your office wall with family pictures or just a scene you like – a Skyline, inspirational landscape, your logo and more.

I was told in New York at this time, HP is wrapping water towers with special prints. “All you have to do is look up,” Doris said.

A great inspirational story about a campaign that helped Coca-Cola bring awareness to the brand. And there is talk about “Share a Coke” possibly coming back next year…


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